Tattoos & Piercings

Adding that Extra Oomph to the Already Gorgeous You!

Tattoos and piercings have been around for as long as one can remember. They were a sign of royalty and supremacy in ancient Egypt, India and Greece and a must for women as they accentuated beauty. Today, tattoos and piercings have become a vogue with the Generation X. People cite several reasons for coloring themselves with tattoos and piercing their various body parts. Their reasons range from personal expression to personal empowerment or to just be spontaneous and rebellious.

Body piercings - a world full of glitz and bling

The glamorization of tattoos and body piercings in the media has sparked an interest in this trend. Tattoo artists and piercers say that rock stars and MTV are a big influence on their clients. Drawing between the modern and the traditional, a tattoo artist will form beautiful designs on your body and the effect will be elaborated by piercings. So piercings and tattoos go hand-in-hand, helping each other look all the more glamorous and attractive.

Body piercings are no longer frowned upon or considered an adornment of celebrities only. The fad of piercing different body parts and decorating them with different body jewelry pieces has crossed into the mainstream through literature, music videos, high fashion and media sensationalism. Today, almost everyone has body piercings which range from the common ear lobes and nose piercings to the daring nipple and tongue piercings. Witnessing the growing trend of body piercings, manufacturers have come out with jewelry pieces in all imaginable shapes, designs, colors and materials. Just pick your favorite piece and get ready to get noticed!

Tattoos - colors, designs and self-expression

Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. People no longer worry about the cost factors associated with it. The reason? Tattoos are fun and the best form of self-expression. Get a bold, Gothic design in all black to show the world that you are not all that feminine or opt for a soft design to let people know that you are not just a tough and gritty guy. Choose from thousand of designs and colors and show the world a side of you which might otherwise be unknown to most.

Tattoos - Some things to keep in mind

You cannot wait to get a tattoo and a body piercing, right? Do keep the following factors in mind:

- The work area is clean and brightly lit.
- The shop uses instruments that are easily cleaned and sterilized.
- Tattooing is done with sterile needles in a tattoo machine that has been wiped with alcohol after each use.
- Tattoo and piercing needles are new and sterile for each treatment. They should never be reused.
- Practitioners wear medical gloves during the procedures.

Just take good care of your tattoos and piercings and get them done from a safe and clean place and you will never have any troubles. So go ahead and get your very own tattoos and match it with an equally alluring body piercing jewelry piece and watch heads turn as you walk down the street! Simple girl/guy next door? Not anymore!